Dating could be hard at all ages, therefore in the event you cons

Margaret Manning:

My visitor today is Lisa Copeland. Lisa is a dating mentor whom works together females over 50, assisting them to locate a good man. Welcome to amor en linea usa the show, Lisa.

Lisa Copeland:

Hi, Margaret! It is nice become right here.


Many thanks. Therefore, you’re right right right here to greatly help us get the right guy, right?


I certainly am. It’s possible.


Me community about their view of dating, they’d respond with either hopeful, wonderful or disaster when you ask people in our Sixty and. Numerous have experienced experiences on both ends for the line.

Needless to say, it doesn’t need to be a love relationship you’re after. You might have a range of friendships with dudes. My question you think about women in their 60s dating younger men for you is, what do?


I believe it is great. We don’t think you need to restrict you to ultimately a certain form of man which you think you prefer – or perhaps you feel is suitable – up to now. If guys are interested in you, give it a try. Have you thought to? You’ve got nothing to readily lose, and it also might just be a complete great deal of enjoyable.