. For approximately a 12 months now, rumors in regards to the nature of pitt’s relationship with arrested development actress alia shawkat have filled all pages and posts associated with the supermarket tabloids. The 2 have already been spotted on an outing together at concerts and consuming junk food, outings that have fueled the rumors further.

This June, two major US tabloids, in contact and lifestyle & Style, posted almost identical stories claiming Shawkat had been going in with Pitt.

Pitt, a source whom evidently talked with both magazines explained, “is at an accepted spot in their life where he’s exactly about embracing joy – and he’s made a decision to toss care to your wind by having Alia transfer to his home!” The questionable insider continued to express, “He’s even happier getting out of bed every morning together with her beside him.” needless to say Gossip Cop discovered this story difficult to think, specially as these two equally dubious outlets went the piece that is same sentence after sentence.