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The Settlement Statement


Posted By : David Slabon 0 Comment

Settlement StatementThe one document that will gain the greatest share of your attention when you go to closing is the settlement statement.

The settlement statement represents the financial reckoning between the seller and the buyer and all parties in between and lists all fees associated with the property purchased.

The Real Estate Sales Contract


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The Real Estate Sales ContractAs a real estate investor the very first legal document you’ll execute when buying or selling your flip is the real estate sales contract.

Regardless of where the property is located or its condition the sales contract is your official offer to buy a home or accept an offer from a prospective buyer.

What is REO Property?


Posted By : David Slabon 0 Comment

what is REO propertiesIf you’re new to real estate investing you’re probably wondering… What is REO property?

REO property is also know as Real Estate Owned Property.

These are foreclosed homes taken back by the bank.

The great thing about REO properties is that they’re usually in need of repairs, and can be acquired for less than market value.

Why Invest in Real Estate Now?


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invest in real estateMany people want to know… Why invest in real estate now?

Over the past few months I’ve talked with numerous people who are thinking about investing in real estate both here in Reading, and surrounding communities, but there’s sometimes a bit of hesitancy.