Interracial bonds is resilient when you look at the real face of prejudice and discrimination.

Published Aug 27, 2018


Relationships would be the bedrock of the gratifying, healthier, well-lived life. They’re also intricate and personal, as two different people co-create their own small world over time, with norms, techniques, practices, understandings, and a history which are theirs alone. And even though it is true of most relationships, for the intended purpose of this discussion, let’s focus on intimate relationships.

Each other at times in this post, we’ll zero in on that lively, ever-changing space where partners interact and influence. But this really isn’t the only area that deserves attention, as partners are nested in a complex social and social environment that impacts them as well. That’s why sometimes we’ll go outward and aim our attention during the wider spheres where relationships live. After which you will find times, as with this piece, when we’ll consider the intersection between those two places, such as for example relationship characteristics within partners while they reside amid different societal conditions.