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Negotiating Real Estate


Posted By : David Slabon 0 Comment

Negotiating Real Estate Deals: A Beginner’s Guide

Negotiating Real EstateBuying or selling a home for the very first time can be both really exciting and really stressful.

Generally, beginners in the real estate game are most nervous about the ins and outs of negotiating real estate deals, hoping to get the most out of the bargain for their cause.

How to Buy Investment Property Tips


Posted By : David Slabon 2Comment

Buy Investment PropertyBuying investment property and negotiating a real estate contract mean two different things, depending upon which side of the transaction you’re on.

If you’re buying an investment property, you want the lowest possible price. And if you’re the seller of the flip you want the highest price possible based upon local market conditions. Either way, negotiating a successful sales contract for a flip is a critical part of the process.