It’s likely that high your Valentine’s date is somebody you came across online on a passionate social network. In June 2013, based on Forbes, “a 3rd of recently maried people met on the internet and tend to be more happy and, consequently, not as likely to split-up”.

There was once a time whenever internet dating ended up being taboo, particularly because individuals couldn’t stand the concept of needing to speak to “strangers” they encountered on the internet. Nowadays, with all the increase of various fancy-pants dating apps and mainstream dating web sites for literally every style of market, finding your partner seems easier than ever before before.

Whether you’re interested in relationship, a random hookup, or real lasting love, there’s an alternative available to you that meets everyone’s individual tastes. Now so it happens to be more “mainstream”, you’re clearly the “odd one out” in 2014 in the event that you came across the one you love offline.