As Harvey Weinstein defines himself as a “sex addict”, we talk to professionals that are medical exactly exactly what the illness really means

Harvey Weinstein has reportedly emerged from rehab after being treated for intercourse addiction. The producer – that has been accused of over 30 counts of intimate attack and harassment – has invested only one week in a Arizona center where he allegedly underwent “intensive therapy”. Their diagnosis happens to be met with cynicism by many people who think it relieves him of obligation as a so-called sex offender. Exactly what does intercourse addiction mean really? We talked to two specialists, from Harley treatment and Marylebone Centre, to learn how exactly to determine the situation, its signs, causes and whether or not it may be overcome.

Exactly just How could you clinically describe anyone who has a intercourse addiction?

Dr. Sheri Jacobson, medical manager of Harley treatment sets it hence: “A one who is utilizing intercourse as being a compulsive device of avoidance no matter negative consequence, and that is powerless to cease doing this.