Two examples that are noticeable Tinder and Zoosk. In contrast to matchmaking services, online dating targets casual contacting and effortless flirting among its people. The users generally carry out of russian bride the search by themselves. In performing this, they are able to use search filters pertaining to requirements such as for example age, location along with other characteristics.

Offline dating agencies or online bought tickets for rate relationship or comparable activities aren’t included.

The user base covers investing and customers that are non-paying.

  • Apps and portals to flirt, talk or fall in love
  • Apps and portals that induce matches predicated on users location ( e.g. Tinder)
  • Apps and portals that creates matches centered on easy critageria which can be demographice.g. Badoo)
  • Niche dating, such as for example portals or apps for vegetarians
  • Casual Dating for the look for non-committal intercourse
  • Offline dating agencies
  • Speed dating or comparable activities for singles

EServices Report 2019 – online dating services

Statista Digital Marketplace Outlook – Segment Report

Money Income Growth

Within the internet dating market in million US$ in per cent

Reading help income when you look at the online dating sites part amounts to US$2,141m in 2020. Reading offer the online dating sites portion is anticipated showing an income development of 6.9% in 2021.

  • Income
  • Income Development


The “Revenue” package shows the forecasted revenue development regarding the chosen market (market part, area) for every single 12 months.

Income Development:

The “Revenue development” package shows the revenue that is year-over-year associated with chosen market (market portion, area) in portion terms.