This high resolution 4.3-inch (109.22 mm), 480 x 272 resolution, color display is backlit with LED lighting and is great for use with a kayak or small craft if you actually want to get yourself a consider the globe beneath your craft. The CHIRP Sonar plus DownScan Imaging sets two of this leading technologies together working away from a simple 12v DC battery to improve your chances against your underwater adversaries.

The Auto Adjust with ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) enables clear view with no need for constant adjustments that are manual. As soon as you find where in fact the seafood are chilling out, this product shops and songs the reputation for your recorded sonar with TrackBack technology.

You will see and monitor crucial information such as bottom conditions, underwater structures, and favorite fishing locations. The Multi-Window show gives the angler a choice of selecting pre-set pages from a three-panel view of page designs which can be effortlessly accessed because of the swipe of just one hand.