Violence and vulnerability to HIV/Aids in young homosexuals and bisexuals to learn the perceptions of young adults whom identify on their own as homosexuals or bisexuals on experienced violence and recognize correlations that are possible vulnerability to HIV/Aids.

Descriptive research with a qualitative approach, with the social representation concept therefore the idea of vulnerability with thematic content analysis, carried down in the immunodeficiency disorder control center of the general general public university into the Southeast area of Brazil, which offered multidisciplinary care to HIV/Aids clients. Thirteen seroconverted people that are young between 13 and 24 years took part in the research. The choice criterion had been guys whom identified on their own as homosexuals or bisexuals, in accordance with terminology found in the Epidemiologic Bulletin on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS regarding the Brazilian Ministry of wellness.

Four thematic groups were discovered: “homophobia and bullying”, “sexual, domestic, and violence” that is institutional “search for support”, and “love and passion”.

Young homosexuals and bisexuals experienced repeated situations of abuse throughout youth and adolescence, seeing intimate, domestic, and institutional violence as probably the most painful and tough to confront, and which correlate to vulnerability to HIV/Aids.