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Content & SEO Training

How to Create Interesting Content

Step #1. Type “real estate investing forums” and also “real estate investing blogs” into your browser (see video) and then look for forum posts or blog posts that people are interested in.

  • Look at each post headline and try to create a similar headline that would interest readers.
  • You can also click on each headline and see if you can locate specific questions, that someone has asked, that will help you create articles.
  • When searching real estate investing blogs, you’re looking for posts with high comments.

Step #2. Go to and type in, one at a time… real estate investing, flipping houses, buying investment property, real estate investment loans, rehab property, selling investment property.

Look for videos that have a high viewership.

Take note of the video’s that have high viewership and the headlines so you can use that information to create blog posts.

You can also scan the comments section, below each video, looking for relevant questions that interested prospects have. This will also help you create great content.

Step #3. For trending articles and information on real estate investing use Google alerts.

Go to and enter specific real estate investing keywords like… real estate investing, flipping houses, buying houses, etc. Then…

  • Next to “result type” put everything
  • Next to “how often” put daily
  • Next to “how many” put only best results
  • Then enter your email address. Each day you’ll receive trending information about real estate investing you can use to create articles.

Step #4. Research and make a list of the most popular real estate investing keywords using the Google keyword tool. Use the keywords to write articles.

You can start by using these 6 category keywords… real estate investing, flipping houses, buying investment property, real estate investment loans, rehab property, selling investment property.

Keep an excel spreadsheet with the category keyword at the top, and below each category you can put the keyword you’ve chosen for an article.

Check out the video for how to search engine optimize each article using a specific keyword, or follow the SEO steps below.

Step #1. Place each keyword into the post title

Step #2. Place the keyword into the first sentence of the post.

Step #3. Place the keyword sparingly throughout the body copy of the post.

Step #4. Below the article scroll down to the SEO section.

  • Place the keyword in the title
  • Place the keyword into the description along with some teaser text
  • Place the keyword or keywords in the keyword section. I know Google doesn’t pay attention to keywords, but other search engines do.

Step #5. Enter the keyword into the “Tags” section to the right.

Step #6. Check the box next to the category that best fits the article topic.

Step #7. Read the article one last time for typos, and make sure the article reads well. Then click update.