Global Earthship

By David Slabon

This beautiful house is constructed using only natural and recycled materials — consumed products that the society discards, such as glass bottles, tires, aluminium cans — that constitute the thermal mass foundation and walls throughout the house.

The structures are untethered from mass public utilities such as water, gas lines, and power and run entirely on a passive solar heating as well as the cooling and photovoltaic power. This wonderful adobe operates 100% off-the-grid, up to the food supply.

Interconnected into the 5,400 square foot living space are fruit trees, patches of vegetables, wild birds, a chicken coop, and lastly a tilapia-stocked fish pond. This awe inspiring work of earthship has an interior waterfall in the living room and a jungle which you can catch fresh fish for dinner and also have fantastic architectural details. Unlike regular houses, it is a independent vessel.

The house use solar or wind energy for power. The rainwater is caught from a roof with a potable surface, which is channelled through silt catches into cisterns, then the gravity-fed into a water-organizing module with a pump and filter. Also, waste water and sewage is drained and filtered in via linear, biologically-developed gray-water treatment and containment systems. Propane tanks, is refilled each year, and offer gas for stovetop cooking. Lastly, a fresh produce is grown onsite via indoor for food production areas and veggie beds.

This futuristic adobe is located at 38 Gorge View, Taos, New Mexico 87571. It is listed only for $1,500,000. With a 2.0 acres and 5,400 square foot.A true and one of a kind creation.