Learn how to get Damien’s ending Dream Daddy.

Of all the dad’s offered to date in Dream Daddy, Damien is amongst the darker, more brooding users of the pack. Rocking a style that is gothic and a fantastic touch of macabre. But you’re going to need dating4disabled to be quick on your toes and have a witty sense of humor if you want to win over the heart of this dark stud. We’ve got most of the details you’ll want to romance Damien within the article below, therefore make sure to check out him and what to get Damien’s ending in Dream Daddy if you’re having trouble wooing.

Just how to Get Damien’s Ending

The step that is first getting Damien’s ending would be to satisfy him. This is often achieved by maneuvering to the shopping center whenever you’ve got a option between visiting the shopping shopping shopping mall or cooking with Amanda. It does not make a difference everything you decide to have a look at while at the shopping mall, all that issues is hi to Damien and get his attention that you say. From then on appearance conversation, your alternatives don’t really matter—but we’d advise against likely to the video game or perhaps the gymnasium in order to not ever get sidetracked.

From here, carry on through until the backyard is reached by you barbeque. Here you’ll have the choice to speak with Joseph and Damien, therefore do this. When you reach the Dadbook section regarding the date, make use of the options that are following fill out the blanks.

  • Polish and sort my coin collection.
  • The destroyed shaker of sodium.
  • Street smarts.
  • Technical author for manuals and instructionals.
  • Old comedies which haven’t aged well.
  • Arson.
  • My guide of term jumbles and a pen.
  • Conspiracy theories.

Utilizing the Dadbook off the beaten track, it is time for you to content Damien and then go down to their home for the first formal date. Make sure to utilize the dialogue that is following as soon as you make it to make an S Rank on your own very first date.

  • watch out the windows.
  • glance at the butterflies.
  • get a guide.
  • your property is actually impressive!
  • Love me personally some term jumbles.
  • Thou Art the Tightest.
  • Snapdragons.
  • (Win the Gargoyle mini game).
  • I really admire the method that you handled that.

Now it is time and energy to proceed to the next date. Keep playing through the overall game until that opportunity comes, and you’re forced to publish a page with Amanda to start the date. Select the follow choices for the chance that is best:

  • i really do hope that this page discovers you in a healthy body.
  • i have to confess of my amateur control of the penned word.
  • you will find me personally in good spirits, for we felt very similar after our final encounter.
  • While a strange change of activities, I found myself enamored associated with situation at hand.
  • I would be brought by it great enjoyment to escort you to definitely the cinema.
  • Namaste,

After the page is finished, mind down to Damien’s home and slip it in to the mail slot in their entry way. He’ll consent to join you during the cinema, and when you meet, use the dialogue that is following to accomplish the date having an S Rank.

  • Is every thing fine?
  • Inform a Dad Joke.
  • Many Thanks.
  • we shall utilize this to dry my rips for all those I’ve destroyed.

After a fruitful 2nd date, you’ll need certainly to carry on through the video game unless you have an opportunity to content Damien and head out on your own 3rd and last date. As soon as you get together with him once more, select the after choices to get an S Rank and shut down your date that is final with bang.

  • Cul-de-sac
  • Abandon all hope, ye who enter right right here.
  • Coffee Spoon
  • Softball Field
  • Bayside
  • How numerous Goths does it decide to try screw in a lamp?/Knock knock!
  • Aquarium
  • Cul-de-sac
  • Give her the proper Stated Banana Bread.
  • just just What taste pizza rolls are the ones?
  • Thou art welcome.