Property RehabOne of the main ingredients with property rehab is how much it will cost to repair the property, and get it ready for sale.

If the flip is in good to average condition, perhaps there’s no need to replace flooring or tear out walls.

But maybe the property does need some rehabilitation work in order to maximize the sales price. Should you do the work yourself?

If you’re not licensed yet still handy around the house then there are some jobs that you can do yourself that require less skill but can save you money.

One of the easiest property rehab jobs with the greatest return on investment is painting.

Tape the walls, secure the drop cloths and paint away. If you’re considering replacing flooring, today’s laminated flooring systems are easy to install and can change a room’s appeal in a short period of time.

There are some jobs you need to leave to others and why you should have a general contractor on your team.

For example, at first glance, removing a tree on the property seems like an easy job, right? Just grab the chainsaw and cut away!

But cutting a tree and removing the stump should be left to those who know what they’re doing. Even if you’re successful making sure the tree doesn’t fall where it’s supposed to, stump removal requires a specialist.

Jobs that you should avoid are major electrical and plumbing work.

Yes, it’s a good idea to replace old light switches with ones is something anyone can do and replacing a dated shower head with a new hand held model is a breeze.

But any major property rehab work, regarding electricity and plumbing, should be left to those licensed as professional electricians and plumbers.

Roof work?

Besides it being dangerous for amateurs, poor roof work can damage the entire home and even installing gutters yourself can harm a roof’s ability to protect the structure.

The bottom line is this: unless it’s something you’re comfortable doing and you’ve done it before, go ahead. But anything that requires a license or can be a danger to life, limb or property, should be left to property rehab professionals.

Talk soon,
David Slabon