Real Estate Bird DogUsing a real estate bird dog can be one of the most profitable, effective ways to find investment real estate.

No, not the bird dog needed for a pheasant hunt—a bird dog that sniffs out real estate deals for you.

A real estate bird dog is a person who is constantly searching for potential investment deals on your behalf.

A bird dog can be a licensed real estate agent but doesn’t have to be, the only talent required to be a bird dog is to be keenly aware of properties that suit your requirements. Bird dogs will typically specialize in a particular search technique.

Some bird dogs physically walk a neighborhood looking for houses and make to homeowners about selling.

For example, a bird dog drives through a neighborhood and noticed that several months ago, a For Sale By Owner sign had been placed in the front yard of a home.

At that time, the bird dog spoke to the owner about what they were asking for the home and the reasons for selling.

But today, the sign was no longer there, so he stopped and reintroduced himself to the owner. The owner said he was tired frustrated trying to sell the home.

A real estate bird dog told him he knew of someone that could pay cash for his home today if the price was right.

The owner said, “Sure” and thought nothing of it. A real estate bird dog takes the information to the investor who made a cash offer which was accepted. The investor paid the bird dog for finding the deal, and the bird dog went back to work, searching for new deals.

Bird dogs can find real estate deals in ways that most investors find them including foreclosure filings, Notice of Deficiency (NOD) or Lis Penden filings, tax auctions, expired listings and any and all methods used to sniff out real estate deals.

The benefit to the investor; the investor can spend time on other aspects of the business such as rehabilitation work, marketing and selling instead of searching for properties every day.

Real estate bird dogs can work exclusively for one investor but will typically have several investors they can bring deals to. Bird dogs also can get a feel for what real estate investing and house flipping is all about before making any full time commitment.

If you’re thinking of becoming a full time real estate investor but haven’t quite decided, being a real estate bird dog is excellent training.

Soon you’ll have a nose for the business!

Talk soon,
David Slabon