Sculpture HomeThe home was previously published in Architectural Digest in October of 2006.

By Dave Slabon

The architecture of Bart Prince is complex and creative, and this home is no exception to it. The Glorieta House juxtaposes contemporary lines and materials with local site-found-rock and objects creating perfect blend and a home that is completely comfortable, livable and unpretentious.

Functional spaces are separated by lushly planted interior courtyards, and the entire home flows down in the natural… slope from the guest area up to the master bedroom below. The pavilion contains the kitchen, living and dining areas respectively, and office.

The plantable roof is supported with a tripod of steel beams and appears to be floating and soaring into space. Huge windows bring the outside in to frame the stunning landscape and scenery. The unique Bart Prince designed home is truly a piece of art.

The house is located in Paseo Sin Nombre and Sabino Gonzales Road Glorieta, NM 87535. It is approximately 11.0 acres with 2,280 square foot. It is currently listed with the price of $1,495,000.