How To Play PokéMon Games On Android

This emulator is no less from its competitors and offers options such as fast forward/ slow down. Its performance is worth a mention because it provides 100% speed emulation even on old Android devices.

Now, there are provisions to bring back those nostalgic games on your Android devices. This is one of the most rated GBA emulators for Android available in Google Play store with a rating of 4.6 stars. The official source downloads are not bad either with over 1,00000 downloads.

This emulator provides incredible sound support while allowing users to mute the music when necessary. Like most other GBA emulators on Android, VinaBoy also allows the use of cheat codes. Although this emulator is new, it has gained great popularity within a very short span. The downloads are building up and is increasing in numbers day after day. Virtual onscreen keyboard for easier controls, turbo buttons, save states with previews, and screenshots are few other useful features.

Developed by Robert Broglia, a well-known name in the world of Android Emulators, GBA.emu is the high end paid emulator for Gameboy advance. There is another free version on the Play Store, with the same name – GBA.emu, but developed by different company named V Android. Interestingly, this emulator also supports external controllers and provides virtual onscreen keypad.

Gameboy Advance ruled the world of handheld gaming consoles for years, after its initial launch in the year 2001, and was finally discontinued in the year 2010. If you are from that era and a video game lover, chances are that you must have played and loved GBA games, and for sure, would feel nostalgic even now, thinking about those games. It has an interface based on the PS3 XMB and uses a core system to load games, supports renderes, shaders etc and is easy to set up, you can find a detaild getting started tutorial here. They have the same features but one has ads and the other doesn’t. The emulator is solid, compatible and works very well.

Pokemon Emerald

The emulator allows good graphics because of high-quality rendering and allows you to fast forward or slow down the game speed. My Boy also supports use of cheat codes, and for sure, we all love cheat codes since the beginning of time. To make it easier for you, our team has analyzed every GBA emulator android devices can run and listed below is a summary of the 10 best emulators for android that you can get hold of.

  • Current largest roms are 512M so if you are shopping for a GBA/NDS Flash Card make sure it is at least 512M big.
  • For easy downloading we have created RomSets of 50 roms.
  • Currently first 100 games are distributed in 2 sets of 50, but if you have a slow connection or just need a couple of games get the single files from clean dumps.
  • The Enjoy Roms Web browser software as well allows game enthusiasts to download no cost for downloading to avoid wasting them prove computers as well.

Like most of the other emulators, GBA Emulator also supports many file types including compressed files. External physical controllers are also well supported here. There are many emulators with this name on Play Store, we are talking about the one from the developer named Deimos Applications.