The Mushroom House

By Dave Slabon

The Mushroom House designed by the architect James H. Johnson who fashioned it after a stem of Queen Anne’s lace, with its pod-like structure, it’s referred to as the “Mushroom House.” It was custom-built in 1971.

The Mushroom House is composed of five interconnected pods, established on a hill at the tree line, it was inspired to blend art and nature. Building five pods to sit on concrete and steel “stems” was no easy feature. The builders made several failed attempts in constructing the pods into two parts — a bottom to sit on the stems and a top. The two sections were made of concrete and polyurethane. Overall the pods are 30 feet in diameter and weigh 80 tons.

Two pods are sleeping areas or bedroom, the center pod is the kitchen and a sitting room and the fourth pod is a living and also a dining area equipped with a fireplace. The deck is situated in the fifth smaller pod. The mushroom house is really unusual, what makes it more like a handiwork of art are contributions of several artists, including 9,000 ceramic tiles that cover the inside of the home, which were all hand-fired by the original owner.

The house is located at 142 Park Road, Pittsford, New York 1453 — Town of Perinton. It is 9.14 meters in height and has lot size of approximately 1.2 Acres with 4,168 in square foot.

The house is in the market with the price of $1,500,000. Its facilities include heating system with a zoned hot water, and a cooling system which is air conditioning. Also, its utilities are Rochester Gas & Electric $500/monthly average. The replacement cost is insured for $4,500,000.

Significant new improvements are new windows, repairs to patio pods, electrical system, landscaping, and a garage with 3—car attached. Its new addition is the great room that is built into the side of the hill and accessible from the main pod by an underground walkway which is lit by a fiber-optic light. Overlooking a creek, waterfall and outdoor hot tub.