If you’re writing in Mail, the palette will give you options for the font picker, image and document insertion, and more – essentially replicating the buttons you’d get in the QuickType bar when using the keyboard. Based on the same idea, in Reminders the palette features options for time and location settings. …and the app will create a new task for converted text.

I expect this design choice to become the norm in iPad apps that want to integrate with Scribble. As I mentioned above, there are also instances of apps specifically adapting their UIs to Scribble in iPadOS 14.

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To copy handwritten text as typed text, you can select it in Notes and hit the new ‘Copy as Text’ option from the copy and paste menu. Unfortunately, there is no way to convert handwritten text to typed text inline within a note, as we’ve seen in other note-taking apps on iPad; you can only copy the typed equivalent to the clipboard and paste it somewhere else. Interestingly enough, when the floating palette is shown in a compact size class (e.g. the app is in Slide Over), it takes on an alternate compact form at the bottom of the window, sort of like an additional toolbar. There are some fascinating implementations of Scribble’s floating palette in iPadOS 14, too.

Finally, in terms of latency improvements, Apple noted that both visual and blur effects on strokes are supported in PencilKit for iOS and iPadOS 14. First, there’s a new option in Settings ⇾ Apple Pencil ⇾ Only Draw with Apple Pencil; once enabled, only the Apple Pencil will be used for drawing and touch input from your fingers will be exclusively employed for scrolling and interacting with apps. This option is great to have if you’ve ever been annoyed by the iPad picking up both the Apple Pencil and your finger as inputs when drawing in a note. You can paste copied text anywhere – in this case, Search will find the matching note inside the Notes app.

Now, any time you’re in a text field, you can double-press the assigned key on your external keyboard and dictation mode will be triggered instantly, without having to touch anything onscreen. This is a very welcome addition to iPadOS, and I’ve been using it a lot. Also new this year, developers get access to the new color picker for free if they’re using PencilKit; as soon as you start drawing, the picker is automatically dismissed. As announced by Apple at WWDC, developers can also access individual strokes in PencilKit now, which should open up some fascinating possibilities for illustration, animation, and writing apps.

I’ve also seen examples of developers implementing Scribble as a “universal” input method that intelligently adapts to their apps’ UI. In Things for iPadOS 14, you can use the Pencil to select sections in the app’s sidebar; start writing in a blank space on any page, however, and the app will recognize Scribble input and create a new task for you based on converted text.

This happens in Music (where the search field has the ‘Artists, Songs, Lyrics, and More’ placeholder text), but it also works out of the box in third-party apps like LookUp, even though its developers didn’t opt into any of the new Scribble APIs. This will work for search fields of most apps that use Apple’s native text field APIs22 – even if they haven’t been updated for iPadOS 14 yet. …then the search palette appears once text has been converted.

Messages, for example, detects when you’re using Scribble to handwrite a message and makes the compose field bigger so it’s easier to write into. Additionally, if a search bar comes with placeholder text inside it, iPadOS 14 will automatically remove it so that you’re not scribbling on top of existing text, which could be confusing.

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For Apple today, it’s clear that iPadOS has turned into the most challenging platform to design for. Unlike iOS and macOS, apps on iPadOS can run in a variety of size classes, with different multitasking conditions, with support for a multiplicity of inputs that range from touch and keyboard to the Pencil, pointer, and a combination of them all. At this point, it’s evident that any modern iPadOS app needs to feel great both when used with touch and the keyboard-trackpad combo – a unique problem Apple never faced in any of their other OSes before.