UFO HouseFrisco, NC—UFO House AKA Frisco Futuro

Frisco Futuro is a type of structure that can be revamped and remodeled to accommodate the owner’s needs.

It gained a lot of curiosity when it was bought by Dr. Lee & Mary Russo and was transformed as their vacation house in North Carolina. Until then it has been howm to the couple and family.

What makes this structure unique is that it really exemplifies the general idea of what an alien spaceship should look like.

However, since 1983 the Frisco Futuro was sold by the couple and has changed ownership ever since and is no longer located within Frisco, NC.

One thing great to note is that, the Futuro has been used as: a knickknack shop, hotdog stand, magazine office, Boy Scout meeting place and as an oceanfront cottage.