Most likely the two biggest features of the Citi Flex Loan are:

  1. It would likely provide a reduced rate of interest than your credit card that is regular APR.
  2. It’ll supply you with the capability to maintain at minimum component of the outstanding card stability as a fixed-rate term loan.

The 2nd benefit may end up being the biggest.

A fixed repayment framework

One of several major drawbacks with charge cards is the revolving nature. You may carry a balance – forever unless you have the discipline to pay your balance off in full each month.

With all the Flex Loan, a purchase can be made by you, and restrict the expression to less than one year.

That may force you to definitely pay back at part that is least of one’s stability on a hard and fast schedule, in place of allowing it to move ahead for decades.

No origination charges or credit check

An additional benefit of the Citi Flex Loan is the fact that there aren’t any origination charges.

For instance, if you are taking a $10,000 personal bank loan, having a 6% origination cost, you’ll pay the full $600 for the charge.

Not just that, however the origination charge shall be deducted from your own loan quantity.

In the place of getting $10,000, you’ll receive simply $9,400. Which could never be quite enough for several that you would like regarding the loan that is personal.

There are no application charges with no credit check included once you access your Citi Flex Loan.

Since you’re currently a Citi consumer, with an approved credit limit, you’ll just access the mortgage whenever you elect to.

Just How Citi Flex Loan May Well Not Work With Your

Though Citi Flex Loans adds an option that is additional your charge card account, there are a few restrictions you have to be alert to.

Loan size may be restricted

The minimal loan quantity is $500.

The most loan quantity is the borrowing limit (unless the Flex Loan optimum happens to be set at a lesser level because of the financial institution).

The Citi Flex Loan can’t be employed to your overall outstanding stability due, maybe so that they can get a lowered rate of interest or set the definite payoff term.

Any balance that is outstanding more than one of the cards will have to be compensated based on the initial terms.

The rate of interest things probably the most

It may be higher than what you would pay for a typical personal loan, especially when you compare it to the top online personal loans available though it may be lower than your regular Citi credit card rate.

You are most likely likely to spend less in interest in the event that you simply applied for a regular loan that is personal.

maybe perhaps Not really a financing option that is reliable

The Flex Loan will not express the expansion of extra credit.

In the event your bank card restriction is $10,000, and you’re provided a Flex Loan supply, it will maybe maybe not raise the quantity of the borrowing limit.

It simply offers you the capacity to categorize a few of your outstanding stability as being a loan that is fixed-rate in place of revolving debt.

The Flex Loan could be available in your take into account an occasion, then be withdrawn.

Citi have not suggested it will be described as a permanent function of any account, but alternatively one which is likely to be provided “from time for you time”.

Which makes it a lot more of an offer that is promotional a continuous advantage, like the method credit card issuers sometimes give you a temporarily low price on brand new acquisitions and transfers of balance.


A Citi Flex Loan offers you the capability to access your borrowing limit under more managed circumstances.

You can access the Flex Loan portion of your credit limit, and pay it off in as little as 12 months if you have a major purchase or a need for funds on a short-term basis.

The interest rate on the Flex Loan should also be lower than your regular credit card rate in most cases.

By doing so, it’s going to work as a limited-use feature in extremely situations that are specific. But properly as it eliminates the revolving aspect of charge cards, it won’t be nearly as flexible.

Nevertheless, it provides Citi bank card clients the capability to have better control of at the least a part of these credit card that is outstanding stability.

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That flex loan is at the mercy of the apr hierarchy. Meaning, you use a flex loan on the remaining available balance, whatever over the minimum payments (your current flex loan payment, plus the minimum on the balance transfer) goes to the flex loan if you already have a lower apr balance transfer on that card, and.

When your stability transfer is actually for 1 . 5 years, along with your flex loan is for 36months, and you also make a lot more than the minimum re re payments, thinking you will be in for a rude awakening when that time is up that you will have paid off that transfer time. You will definitely simply be capable of making minimal repayments towards it until that flex loan is compensated in complete.


Extremely article that is informative many thanks plenty!


Be cautious aided by the print that is fine these “loans” these are typically merely another balance transfer. They may not be that loan into the feeling that your particular payment is similar each thirty days, as well as do not impact whatever you might have on your own account. They’ve been yet another version of a stability transfer.

We thought they had been addressed like a different entity, and anything you had or used on your card could be addressed as though the “loan” ended up beingn’t here. They also put up the internet site to exhibit the “Flex Loan” being an area that is separate. Making certain you knew it was that loan for XXX amount of cash with a group quantity of repayments and a group rate of interest, after which it might state whatever your payment per month could be. Then it indicated just how much ended up being kept for you “loan” and exactly how numerous repayments you’d available.

Nevertheless the declaration i obtained that month suggested that in the event that flex loan apr had been a lot more than other things that was regarding the card, then such a thing on the minimum would get towards that loan. Therefore, it isn’t an “additional” re payment on the minimum you ought to have. It really is being compensated during the rate that is same your overall acquisitions but it is apr should determine if it gets what exactly is within the minimum or perhaps not. To ensure that wonderful 10.99per cent interest 36 thirty days stability transfer I’d going just isn’t anything that is getting compared to the minimal payment because that “loan” is taking whatever over their “monthly re re payment” is in addition to minimum because of the transfer.

Had we understood it back at the same rate as a standard balance transfer, with the higher apr that I was going to be paying. price using over every thing above the minimum re re re payments, i mightnot have taken it. Absolutely no way.

BTW, DON’T EVER have over restriction on the charge card for just about any explanation. The billing period to my card starts in the seventeenth regarding the thirty days, and I also took down that “loan” regarding the sixteenth, the mortgage quantity brought my credit limit to your maximum, nevertheless the following day the attention charges from the present stability transfer I’d about it arrived due and forced it over by $22.50. This is in Might. The June declaration arrived on the scene and it also had a huge notice saying that my “flex Plan” aka my “Flex Loan” interest could be going around 24% therefore the total quantity of re re payments accessible to me personally would get from 36 to 30 launching in August 28. Now that i do believe from it, we suspect that my stability transfer we already had is roofed into the “Flex Arrange” yet again 10.99% price is certainly going to 24%.