why list with a realtorMany people ask “why list with a realtor,” why not just keep that commission money?

Well, that’s a good question.

Selling a property by yourself, called in the industry For Sale by Owner, or FSBO (Fizz-bow), is a way to cut back on expenses by eliminating real estate agent commissions.

Or it can be a nightmare, costing you thousands in lost profits.

Which is it?

If you’re a real estate agent who actively buys, remodels and sells investment real estate, you can probably stop reading here.

If you’re not, then it’s critical to understand why you may want to list with a realtor when selling a property.

A real estate agent does one thing: real estate.

Granted, there are successful, full time agents and not-so-successful part time agents, but the successful ones know how to sell your property at the right time and at the right price.

When you buy a property and intend to flip it, your agent can tell you how much your project will sell for when completed, based upon recently sold properties in your area.

If you want to sell it quickly, the agent can set a price for you based upon a minimum days on market.

If you can afford to wait for the right price, an agent can help you accomplish that as well.

The most important thing a good agent can do is market your property to as wide an audience as possible; and not just in your home town but to potential investors across the country by placing your project in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS.

Do you think showcasing your home to buyers from California to New York can bring in more offers?

Of course, and that’s what an agent can do.

An agent can also save your most important asset: your time. Staging, listing, showing and negotiating a property is a full time effort.

If you’re selling your flip by yourself, you can expect to devote your time and talent to marketing and placing a For Sale sign in the yard. Not using an agent will reduce your home’s exposure and running the risk of an improperly priced home.

Leave the real estate agent work to the professional real estate agent. Find one and make them your best friend. It will be well worth your while.

Talk soon,
David Slabon